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Trump’s New Immigration Plan

President Trump has been long criticized, and rightly so, for his strict policies against the immigrants that are already living in the United States and those that are looking to migrate. In recent news, however, the trump administration is looking to gain positive responses from their latest proposal to reform the immigration criteria. The policy, that is regarded by Trump himself as “pro-American,” seeks to set certain requirements pertaining age, education and, English speaking skills which will have to be met by immigrants that are looking to receive a green card.

The plan is supposed to work in the best interest of Americans in terms of jobs and wages as well as safety. However, it sidesteps many important concepts that surround the whole issue of immigrants in the country. The plan is divided into two major parts, the first of which is based on the need to have full border security at all times. The trump administration is adamant on the belief that strict security on the borders is the first and the most important step that needs to be taken in order to ensure a better immigration system in the United States. They have put forward operational, functional, and structural reforms that are aimed at strengthening the border laws.

The second part of the plan proposes a “merit-based” immigration system that is designed to only let through those immigrants that are deemed to be beneficial to the American people based on their age, education, and English-speaking ability. This plan is aimed at protecting the local American wages and safety. It is also claimed to prioritize immediate families and create a transparent immigration process that is to be beneficial for both the immigrants and the people of America.

Following the full security of the border, the plan also recognizes the need for the government to assess the extent of exploitation of America’s asylum process. There are recognizable loopholes in the existent US immigration laws that have allowed a flood of human smuggling and other illegal activities that do nothing but contribute to the disadvantage of the American people. The plan seeks to immediately look into these matters and expedite relief for legal and legitimate asylum seekers.

Furthermore, the plan seeks to promote a feeling of national unity. According to trump, the immigrants that are willing and able to melt into the American populace and let go of their old roots are the only ones that are acceptable as legal immigrants. This is what has facilitated the need to have certain requirements about English speaking ability. Immigrants are welcome only if they prove the willingness to integrate themselves with the Americans.

Creating diversity and equality is perhaps the single greatest reason for any sort of positive immigration reform and the trump administration seeks to achieve this through the Build America Visa. They are seeking to use this to make sure that every person applying has the same criteria to face through a fair point-based test to determine who is best equipped to contribute in the greatest possible way to the country.


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