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Common Difficulties of Immigration

Immigration law happens to be a vast field and constitutes a variety of legal issues. If you narrow down your issue to a particular category, you might be able to deal with the issues in a much better way.

Here are some of the common immigration problems:

  • Language Barrier

Language barrier tops the list of immigrant issues. Not being able to speak the native tongue of the place you have comes into effects in every area of life from work to education as well as running the mundane errands.

  • Employment

The next barrier faced by most immigrants when they start out a new life in a new place is finding the means to earn. The language barrier again poses a problem in a variety of settings.

  • Housing

Another big priority for immigrants is to secure housing. Along with language limitations, lack of knowledge of how the housing market works in this new country presents problems.

  • Access to Services

Immigrants who are undocumented particularly have a tough time in accessing services. This is mainly because they fear of getting deported. As a result, immigrants avoid reaching out for medical services as well as legal guidance when they are in dire need of it.

Above mentioned were the main problems that immigrants face on a personal level. Here are some of the common legal difficulties of immigration:

  • Overstaying

Immigrants can face legal penalties such as deportation or a ban on re-entry in the future for overstaying a visa.

  • Lawful Permanent Residence

Getting a green card lets the immigrants live permanently in the U.S., but the process of getting permanent residence is not only complicated but long.

  • Illegal Re-Entry

An immigrant has to follow the proper process and wait for some time if they wish to re-enter the country in the future after they have been removed.

  • Deportations/Removal

In the event of not abiding by the country’s laws and other legal violations, an immigrant has to go through a removal proceeding. Sometimes, there is the option of relief from removal.

  • Getting Citizenship

Getting citizenship after immigration could take several years, and the immigrant has to go through a number of exams and interviews.

  • Meeting Visa Requirements

There are various forms of Visa and they depend on the nature of the immigrant’s stay in the U.S. in some cases, requirements could vary and tend to be complicated.

Final Words

Any concerns or questions regarding immigration issues should be taken to a qualified immigration attorney. It is important to do so because the immigration laws keep on changing because of immigration quotas and yearly statistics. For example, the number of family-based visas which can be given to immigrants for a specific year.

Apart from that, there are scammers and other fraudulent entities which seek people with immigration needs. In order to prevent any unintentional violation, seek the guidance and advice of an immigration attorney. They will be able to guide you with their expert opinion so that you do not get in any kind of trouble with the law or violate any regulation unintentionally.

The firm has the experience, knowledge, and integrity to represent their clients in a competent, vigorous, and dignified manner.

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