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Future of Immigration Laws in the US

Immigration Laws in the United States have long been a subject of debate between different political parties. It is a pressing issue that has been discussed for years and will most likely be discussed for many years to come. The decision about what exactly is the perfect solution for the immigrant problem in the country has direct implications for the economy, national security, health care, social security and the future workforce of the country. There are almost 34 million people that are lawfully documented immigrants in the United States and millions more that have not been registered. The significance of these immigrants to the economy of America cannot be ignored no matter which side you are on.

The baby boom generation is soon to completely retire from the workforce of the United States and it is widely understandable that the upcoming generations are not at all sufficient to fill in their positions at key productivity levels. Remaining competitive in the global economy might become a greater challenge for the American workforce. While the advent of technology and the use of robotics has made the production process very convenient and have partially negated the need for human labor, labor shortage is still something that the American economy has to worry about. Perhaps the easiest and the quickest solution to this problem is immigration.

With a history of having problematic reforms aimed at immigrants and their families, there are some changes that have been proposed that might make things easier for the individuals that have already migrated to the US or the ones that are looking to pursue their American dream. The Trump administration has provided a set of basic requirements that immigrants have to meet in order to be eligible for a green card. These requirements relate to education, age and the ability to speak English. The proposal comes in after attempts made by the President to present a comprehensive outline of how immigrants should be admitted in to the country. This proposal is claimed to be “pro-American”.

In simpler terms, the Trump administration plans to allow people who they deem viable for effectively contributing to the workforce and the economy in the time being. This means that there is no regard paid to the potential benefits that the future generations of these immigrants will bring to the country.

It is very important to understand the repercussions of having tough immigration laws at the borders of the country. What many people fail to understand is that having stricter immigration laws does not deter immigration; it only deters legal immigration. Immigration is still happening and it bodes well for the government to facilitate immigration in order to avoid the consequences of having millions of undocumented individuals working in the country and undocumented residents, in general, spreading nuisance and posing a greater threat to the safety and security of Americans. Integrating immigrants with the local Americans is the only way forward for a peaceful, productive and great America.


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