Your Attorney For Real Estate

At The Law Offices of Juliana Diaz, LLC. real estate lawyers have great knowledge and experience on matters pertaining to real estate as well as laws pertaining to real estate. We analyze all angles that we can to win the case and bring you justice in court.

Our clients range from the individual to corporate. We serve the individuals that are having trouble with property rights, as well as businesses that need our services on commercial buildings. Our team is ready for your case one property at a time. 

Our Services

Our legal teams can provide you and/or your company with the best strategies and solutions to handle call cases whether that pertains to legal disputes between housing code violations to Landlord and Tenants. These are the areas of real estate that we cover here at The Law Offices of Juliana Diaz, LLC:


  • Landlord & Tenant — Our lawyers will represent either side of the dispute and help advise with eviction, habitability, failure to pay rent, violations and more issues

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes — Our legal team mitigates both parties to resolve any issues between the landlord and tenants.

  • Ownership, title and deed issues Our legal team can solve any issues between the many parties that are involved with the ownership, title and the deed issues that arise.

  • Condo and co-op law — Our legal team advises cooperative boards as well as condominium boards on a day to day basis with any legal disputes that occur that involve shareholders, the board, or any unitholders. 

  • Housing Code Violation — Our lawyers can handle cases involving housing code violations of any residential territory. 

  • Complex real estate transactions — Our legal team can ease any difficulties or issues that come when dealing with complicated transactions.